Lindsay's Last Dance?

Lindsay GiacomelliThe phone call
Breaks the normalcy of the day
The tragic words
Echoing the fragility of life
And a need to pray

A young life taken in her prime
Too soon
A mother’s grief burned into memory
Lives ruined

A tragic moment
Life turned on a dime
The senses go numb
Healing takes time
The answers won’t come
I just wish
We could see you
One more time

The empty spot
On our stage
Replaced by an image
Forever young
Watching an old video
Seeing you dance
To U2’s One
It’s obvious
You feel the music inside
We can only hope
That your dance is never done

Lindsay was is and always will be
A dancer
Her stage has changed
And we may never have our answer
But we can take strength
In a father’s words
You’re in the best place you can be
We’ll remember you
You remember us
And where life takes us, we’ll see?

You are deeply loved
And I truly do wish
We could see you
One more time
With any luck
Maybe we will

Authored by Ron

Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli

This site is dedicated to the celebration of Lindsay's life.