2007 Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli Memorial Fund Golf Tournament

Military Museum Mural Dedication

This mural panel is a dedication to our daughter Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli who died on March 18, 2005 at the age of 20 years. The painting has been extracted from a photograph taken of the military cemetery at Dieppe France, on July 19, 1999, which Lindsay had visited with her family.

Through Lindsay’s home upbringing and exposure to books, family discussion and family trips to World War I and II locations, Lindsay developed a keen interest in Canada’s military history and the sacrifice of its soldiers.

When Lindsay was 15 years old, we made a family trip to France.  During the trip, Lindsay, along with her younger brother and sister, was lucky enough to travel to Normandy, Dieppe and Vimy Ridge, all key locations of World War I and II battles. As a family, we made it a point to visit several military cemeteries. Lindsay was touched by the experience; she clearly understood the sacrifice and the cost to secure freedom.

The Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli Memorial Fund in 2007 has donated to The Military Museums located in Calgary, Alberta. At the time of Lindsay’s death she was in the process of switching into a History major at University because her interest was so keen. Just prior to her death, she had managed to make a significant donation (from a frugal university student perspective) to the Juno Beach Centre in France, which was built to recognize the sacrifice of the Canadian WWII veterans.

Lindsay had a great uncle, Jake Giacomelli, who was a veteran of World War II. Lindsay never met her great uncle, however in the context of this message we would like to provide some Internet links which describe some of his military history War Accounts of a Stirling Bomber and The "Lucky" Crew



Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli

This site is dedicated to the celebration of Lindsay's life.