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This site is dedicated to the celebration and memory of Lindsay’s life.

(Updated April 5, 2020)

The Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli Memorial Fund was established in Lindsay’s name as a memorial to her short life (June 18, 1984 to March 18, 2005). The goal of the fund is to keep Lindsay’s name and presence alive and to reflect her generous and caring spirit and to provide charitable grants to Calgary and Alberta area causes forever, all in Lindsay’s name.

The Fund was conceived by Lindsay’s Grandfather (Grandpa Bill) on March 21/22, 2005 when the family and extended family were gathering at her parents’ home and preparing for the memorial service to be held on March 23, 2005. (That date was Holy Wednesday of Easter Week 2005. In 2016 that same day and date occurred, 11 years later, and will next occur in 2157). At the time, they had no idea or plan for the Fund, but it was created through the Calgary Foundation.

The first fund raising event was an impromptu golf tournament. As Lindsay’s birthday of June 18, 2005 approached, her Dad phoned his good Buddy Dave up and said”…hey why don’t we get a few guys out for golf on Lindsay’s birthday, and get me out of the house, and maybe raise a few dollars for the Fund?”. The answer was”…already organized and waiting for you to call.” With that first tournament we had 56 golfers and raised $11,000 for the Fund, and have never looked back. In each subsequent year from 2006 through to 2015 the golf tournament became formal, and was held as close to June 18 (Lindsay’s birthday) as possible. Golf in June is questionable. Either rain or snow or both and rarely sunny. We lucked out though, and actually had many sunny day events. Each year the tournament was sold out with 128 to 144 golfers and 150 to 160 people at the follow-up dinner and silent auction. There was great support from all. In the final 3 years (2013-2015) the tournament was fully committed with 144 golfers before the end of January of the respective year, with 25-26 corporate sponsors. The event raised $45K, $48K and $51K in those final years 2013 to 2015. At the conclusion of the 2015 golf tournament the Fund was at almost $500,000 value.

The 2015 tournament was the 11th and final (for a while). It was time to try something new before we get old and stale. Maybe we’ll resurrect it on the 15th or 20th anniversary/maybe not. In 2015 we also had what was “the inaugural Dragonfly Barn Dance” on Saturday following the tourney that year, with invitations to long time tourney participants and sponsors, with 110 people attending. In 2016 we repeated with 169 people, 158 people in 2017 and 213 people in 2018.  The 2019 Barn Dance was held on Saturday July 6, 2019. It was an outstanding day with plenty of sun, a little rain, and 218 people attending.

Thanks to your generous support over the last 11 years at the golf tournament and 5 years of the barn dance, we granted $226,689 from Lindsay's Fund and golf tournament sponsors to the various charities listed below, AND we built up Lindsay’s Fund to approximately $618,019 as of January 28, 2020. That means approximately a $23,720 charitable grant in 2020! The 2019 Barn Dance raised approximately $30,407 for the fund with thanks to our 15 Barn Dance sponsors and many individual donations to the fund.

The Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli Memorial Fund is an endowment fund administered by the Calgary Foundation. All contributions to the fund remain at the Foundation forever. Each year 4.0% of the fund’s value is used for a charitable grant to a local cause. Tax deductible gifts to Lindsay’s Fund are graciously accepted by the Calgary Foundation on-line at: https://payment.csfm.com/donations/calgaryfoundation/index.php.

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Grants over the various years have been made to:

  • The Calgary Zoo, new elephant house (2006)
  • The Military Museums Expansion (2007)
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, Rotary/Flames House (2008)
  • Calgary Health Trust, Foothills Hospital ICU priority equipment (2009)
  • Alberta Ballet Artists Fund (2010)
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, Special Children’s Fund AND Military Museums Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry gallery expansion (2011)
  • The Mustard Seed, Afforadable Housing Project (2012)
  • Calgary Health Trust, Foothills Hospital ICU specialized equipment (2013)
  • Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre (2014)
  • Kids Help Phone (2015)
  • The Light Up Papua New Guinea Project in memory of Captain Nichola Goddard (2006-2015)
  • The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre (2016)
  • The Alberta Ballet (Murial Taylor Dancer Development Fund) and the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation | Rotary Flames House ( for the Respite Care Program) (2017)
  • The Alberta Ballet (2018). An annual scholarshipof $5000 to the School of Alberta Ballet awarded to a student who exudes passion, talent and is about to embark on their professional dance career (2018). (The announcement of the scholarship was made at the performance of Cinderella on March 17, 2018.
  • Soldier On (2018). Soldier On supports serving and retired Canadian Armed Forces members with visible and non-visible illness or injury.
  • The Alberta Ballet (2019). An annual scholarship of $5,000 to the School of Alberta Ballet awarded to a student who exudes passion, talent and is about to embark on their professional dance career (2019).
  • The Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Foundation (2019) $5,000. Ramp Ceremony and Highway of Heroes Project. Support for a short movie about the Ramp Ceremonies in Afghanistan and the Highway of heroes here at home, in recognition of fallen Canadian soldiers. For distribution to Military Museum theatres and classrooms throughout Canada. The PPCLI Foundation will receive a percentage of funds raised for this project as well as any proceeds. This project aligns with the Foundation's mandate to educate and also support in that monies raised will go towards causes like the Associations Mental Health and Suicide Awareness program. http://combinedforces.ca/combinedforces.ca/rampceremony/index-2recognition.html.
  • The Mustard Seed 1010 Centre, Affordable Housing Project (2019) $11,475....to provide permanent supportive housing for low income Calgarians, whether seniors living on fixed income, new immigrants to Canada, or people needing a safe, secure and private accomodation. (Lindsay's Fund previously provided a grant to this cause in 2012 when the complex was under construction).

The 2020 charitable grants will be made to The School of Alberta Ballet annual scholarship ($5,000), Kids Help Phone (~$9,800), and The Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation (Rotary/Flames House )(~$9,800).

Technology is changing fast and young people are changing even faster. At Kids Help Phone they keep providing new services that meet youth where they are today. In 2018 they introduced Crisis Text Line available 24/7 without need of a phone data plan or internet. They provide phone counselling services by professioonal counselors. All free services. Each day they receive more than 1500 calls, chats or texts across Canada. With the Covid-19 breakout they have seen a 350% increase over the weekend alone. Increased anxiety with decreaesd community supports is creating a perfect storm for youth struggling with mental heatlth. With the help of the Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli Memorial Fund young people in Canada will always have a place to turn in any moment of crisis or need.

Over a decade ago our community came together to create the Rotary Flames House to help the families of children with complex medical needs and life limiting illnesses. Today it is 1 of 6 pediatric hospices in Canada, and the only 1 in Alberta. It offers day programming and respite care as well as providing compassionate end of life care and grief bereavement support. Care is provided 24/7 by a team of trained healthcare professionals alongside child life professionals and volunteers all of whom work tirelessly to make sure that every moment of a child's life is treasured and that their family receives the support they need. This support helps hundreds of families each year.

Both the Kids Help Phone and School of Alberta Ballet are part of the Shaw Birdies for Kids program in which grants from Lindsay's Fund are incrreased by 50%!

 The establishment of this fund provides our family extreme comfort in the knowledge that the fund will provide charitable donations to Calgary and Alberta area causes forever, all in Lindsay’s name. We are extremely grateful to all participants in every aspect of the tournament, the barn dance and the Fund.

Leslie, Gerry, Nicholas, Dalia, Wren & Stephanie Giacomelli

Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli

This site is dedicated to the celebration of Lindsay's life.