2023 Dragonfly Barn Dance, The Final Blowout Barn Dance

The 6th and final Dragonfly Barn Dance, in support of the Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli Memorial Fund (at the Calgary Foundation) with 170 people coming over the afternoon of August 12. We had a celebration and memory of Lindsay and the Fund which has done such good charitable work in Calgary and area for the last 18 years. We are closing on a high note after 11 golf tournaments and 6 Barn Dances. With great support from family and friends and business associates over all the years with Lindsay’s Fund valued today at $672,422 and having made charitable grants of ~$350,000. Really nothing we did on our own and most definitely with divine intervention to get us this far. And as usual a fantastic BBQ offered by my buddies at Techmation Electric & Controls Ltd. who have supported us since 2007, and from our good friends at Accurata Inc. suppliers for the “Scotch Marshall” since 2006, and live entertainment by Liz Christensen, disc jockey by Dr. Agon and Mountain Man Eoin.

With some silent auction items and random donations made to the Fund on August 12, we raised $3,077.60.

...Back  at the 2006 golf tounrament I recall saying to the crowd during the dinner and awards something like..." who knows, maybe we'll still be doing this tournament in 20 years and have Lindsays Fund at $1 million dollar...".  initally I thought in 2023 we were close but missed that target. Then my buddy Mike said we did achieve the $1 million target with Lindsay's Fund at $672K and charitable grants at $350K! I like that interpretation.

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Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli

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