2006 Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli Memorial Fund Golf Tournament

The following is an excerpt of an e-mail message sent by Gerald and Les on Sunday, July 9, 2006


Subject: Thank-You for Participating in the 2nd Annual Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli Memorial Golf Tournament and Fund Raiser....

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the people which attended, sponsored, and donated in support of the Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli Memorial Fund and the 2nd Annual Golf Tournament and Fund Raiser, which was held on June 24, 2006 at the Heritage Pointe Golf Course in Calgary, Alberta.


Under clear blue skies and unusually warm weather, we had an outstanding day. I can only hope that this was a gesture from Lindsay herself.


Thanks to your participation, we had a full slate of 144 golfers, and an additional 20 people attending the dinner and silent auction. As a result we raised approximately $38,500 for the fund, with the expected total fund value at $75,200 as of July 6, 2006.


The Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli Memorial Fund is established in conjunction with The Calgary Foundation and is setup like an endowment. All donations to the fund remain there forever. Each year 5% of the fund’s value is designated for a charitable donation. This amount is essentially what the fund earns over the year as an investment. The donation this year will be made to the Calgary Zoo in support of the new elephant house construction. Lindsay would be pleased with this, since she was a big fan of the Calgary Zoo. The donation will total approximately $2,300, and is based on the value of the fund during the past year. The 2007 donation will be based on the fund value during this year, and can be estimated to be approximately $3,800.


The establishment of this fund provides my wife and me extreme comfort in the knowledge that the fund will provide charitable donations to Calgary area causes forever, all in Lindsay’s name. I can truly say that the time and effort put into organizing the event provided purpose, where purpose was once lost, and was absolutely necessary to get us through this past year, and to keep us going.


We will organize this event again in 2007, to coincide with Lindsay’s birthday of June 18. I hope you will join us again next year to celebrate and remember Lindsay at the third annual event.


I especially want to make mention of our sponsors as listed below;


Ralph Dean

Alan Taylor (Detechion Technologies)

Bill and Jane Rajante (Norgay Power Conditioning and Communication Components)

Ron Waters (Quasar Oilfield Construction)

Joe Kapusin (Toromont Energy Systems)

Kristi Kzadderey (Startec Refrigeration and Compression)

Mike Iuliano and Lorne Tuck (Spartan Controls – REM Technologies)

Joseph Giacomelli (SNiP LiNK, LLC)

Rick Callender (Marquest Investment Counsel)

Bob Pivoras

Malcolm Page


…and our silent auction donators;


Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Office (MP Calgary Southwest)

Dave Rodney (MLA Calgary-Lougheed)

The Calgary Flames

Scott Russell (The Calgary Zoo)

Sherry Wykes (The Calgary Zoo)

Steven Panz (Inproheat Industries Ltd.)

Oscar Soares

Garth Soby (National Oilwell Varco)

Ron Waters (Quasar Oilfield Construction)

Michelle and Frank Zahner (Accurata Inc.)

Hedda Zahner

Rod Phipps (Concise Design)

Irene Wegmann and Randy Tooth (Warwick Industries Ltd.)

Peggy Simpson (Mary Kay Cosmetics)

Ron Hawryluk and Neil Gordon (Midfield Supply)

Dean Barneto (Nuflo Measurement Systems)

Alliance Tubulars and Supply Ltd.

Dresser Flow Control

Jim Forsyth (Enerflex Systems Ltd.)

Ron Davison

Tony White (Sabre Instrument Services Ltd.)

Sam Guglich (Westech Industrial Ltd.)

Dave Coles (Westlund Industries)

Sid Giroux (Giroux Financial)

Kevin Buckler (Westcomm Pump and Equipment Ltd.)

Norm Waskell

Steve Kemp (CE Franklin Ltd.)


…and the people which assisted in organizing this event;


David Brooks

Miki Zahner

Suzy Trottier

Ron Ranson


Please pass this e-mail message to the other people in your golf group, since we did not have addresses for all attendees. We will send out notices for the 3rd annual event by February 28, 2007.


Thank-you once again for participating.




Gerald and Leslie Giacomelli


Kamala the Elephant painting.


Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli

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