International Dance Day Collection

April 29, 2005
11:00 AM
Martha Cohen Theatre Calgary AB

Opening Tribute: The Rev. Drew Strickland, Southwood United Church, Board of Corps Bara Dance Theatre

It is an honour to be among you because Lindsay was. You have seen the picture board describing her dance life. They are pictures of a life that ended in youth, but affected so many because she was educated – shaped and formed - in dance. Thus, the theme of this International Dance Day, “Youth and Education in Dance”, is deeper in meaning and richer in value for us all.

A dancer is “an athlete of God”, said Martha Graham, “a servant of the soul.” I have reflected on her description of the dancer for years, and have come to think of dance as the bodily contemplation of the mystery of God, of creation, and of the human spirit. Dance is humanity’s common (body) language of transcendence. Jean Grande-Maitre says that it cannot be held accountable to reason, and that he could only believe in a God who knew how to dance” (quoting the philosopher Friedrich Nietzche).

These pictures of Lindsay become icons for us, for they point to what is transcendent about her now and the art of her life while she lived. I think it is because there is something compelling about a dancer’s death. It is always exceptionally tragic. For we cannot think of a dancer without thinking of them moving. In their stillness we are brought to profound stillness.

On this 23rd International Dance Day – which I will call earth’s dancing day - let us remember a woman of beauty and giftedness who lived and moved among us, and who now lives in our inspired memory and moves our spirits.

Still for Lindsay… silence is kept

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Lindsay Giacomelli


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