2005 1st Annual Fund Raiser and Golf Tournament


September 17, 2005

Thank-you to everyone who participated in the golf tournament and contributed to Lindsay’s memorial fund. Donations received both at the June rained out date and at the September golf date totaled $11,330! Phenomenal…but suiting the individual we honored with the tournament.

A warm thank-you to all the sponsors of the golf tournament, which includes Invensys Process Systems Canada, Kentron Systems, Kadon Electromechanical, Kilowatts Design, Mr. Bob Pivoras, Procon Systems, Concise Design, Spec Engineering and Post Process Consultants Corp.

We will hold the 2nd annual tournament next June, around Lindsay’s birthday of June 18, and will notify all of you of the final date.

Once again, thank-you very much

The Giacomelli Family

Dedication to Lindsay

Following the golf tournament, Lindsay’s father addressed the participants. Linked here is a copy of the planned dedication, however Lindsay’s dad doing as he always does, improvised, and actually only covered part of the points he wanted to...

Dedication to Lindsay

Thank–you everyone for participating today.

It is 6 months ago today that Lindsay was hit by a truck while crossing in a pedestrian crosswalk. She died the next day.

When we were organizing the arrangements for her memorial service, Lindsay’s grandfather suggested that we set up a charitable fund in her memory. Lindsay had left us too soon, and prior to when she could have made a difference to the world around her. The fund would allow us to keep her life front and center, rather than let it fade away into memories. Prior to the service her grandfather had it set up with The Calgary Foundation.

When we were starting to move household items out of her apartment we found several receipts of charitable donations which she had made. She had made a $100 donation to the Red Cross for the Tsunami Relief in December, and $100 donation to the WWII Veterans Juno Beach Museum in January. She did this even though she basically had no money, and despite working part time while attending the University of Calgary, and receiving monthly donations from the bank of Dad to survive, she still felt she had to support others. It was at this time that it became clear to my wife and I that the Fund which was set up would be ideal for Lindsay’s memory. To carry on with charitable donations in Lindsay’s name, in areas which Lindsay would have supported.

Lindsay’s birthday is June 18. In late May I realized that I had to do something to distract me as we approached Lindsay’s birthday. I called my good friend Dave Brooks, and suggested we organize a golf tournament to raise donations for the fund, and hold it on her birthday. He said, “already in the works. I was just waiting for the call”. So Dave does what Dave does best, he sells (he whines a lot too, but he sells). He had the tourney organized for June 18, until we got flooded out. Even that day about half the people showed up and we sat here and had breakfast and coffee for several hours, even though we couldn’t golf.

The fund through The Calgary Foundation is set up in perpetuity. All donations stay in the fund for ever. 5% of the fund value is available every year for donation to charitable institutions. This basically is the interest or dividends earned by the fund annually. Our plan is to donate annually in areas which Lindsay would have donated to, and preserve her memory. The initial donation for 2006 is to be made to the Calgary Zoo’s new Elephant House. Lindsay loved the zoo and the elephants and attended often with her mother and sister. Even when we as a family pass on, this fund will be in place and continue to make charitable donations in the Calgary area for ever, in Lindsay’s name. Lindsay loved Calgary, and I heard her say on more than one occasion that she would never leave town.

Next year Dave and I plan to organize the 2nd annual tournament for June 17 or 18. We’ll notify all of you in the spring.

Thanks for coming, and thanks for your donations.

Lindsay's Dad

Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli

This site is dedicated to the celebration of Lindsay's life.